The Saône is a beautiful river in eastern France (in département: Ain 01), which originates in the Vosges and ends in the Rhône in Lyon. Due to its beautiful green banks, it is very popular with anglers. The river is 480 km long and about 100 to 200 meters wide. On the Saône you can fish for carp and catfish.

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The 7 fishing spots are at the border of the campsite where the 75 km long river flows into the Reyssouze de Saone. You can rent multiple fishing spots for an additional fee. This gives you more space for fishing for you and your family / friend. You will be fishing on the campsite. The area and the water can be busy during high season.

River bed
Obstacles                                    Minimal
Current                                        Varied
Yield                                            Good
Boat                                             Permitted
Car near fishing spot                   Yes
Number of rods per person         Four
Bait Boat                                      Permitted
Night fishing                                 Not permitted, fishing permitted between 1,5 hours before sunrise to 1,5 hours after sun down

Impressie film

Arnoud Janssen

My experience fishing at the Saone.
I try to share my experience of fishing at this location as objectively as possible and in short.
I fished 2 nights at this location and actually did nothing special. The rods thrown out and some bolies thrown in and this resulted in those 2 nights in 4 carp.

That gives me the impression that the Saone is full of carp. It is worth mentioning that in the autumn there is a chance of whose is what can make fishing very difficult.


This is the perfect campsite for every angler

If you are reading this piece you are probably looking for a nice campsite in beautiful France. I have been camping at Aux Rives du Soleil for many years and hope for many wonderful moments. We go mainly to fishing. This is the perfect campsite for every angler. Whether family holidays or carp and / or catfish fishing – the possibilities are numerous.
I myself am a very fanatic carp angler and had wonderful sessions. The campsite offers the possibility to fish a canal (a tributary of the Saône) and the Saône itself. The tributary, the Reyzousse, is wonderful for fishing, although at first glance it does not seem like a big deal. The larger fish often come from this tributary. Meetings with more than 100 fish in one week are possible on the main river. The Sluis section of the Saône contains many fish with peaks of up to 50 pounds. Right next to the campsite there is a night fishing area where you can catch carp on the weekends.
There is also the possibility to rent a flat floor with electric motor. In short, are you looking for a nice campsite in the middle of the French Saône Valley?

plenty of Fisch

The Saone is a mighty river .. You have to get to know it first … But that there is fish, is a fact … carp, scales and mirrors and thick catfish that one hears in the evening, with big leaps in the shallow waters at the end of the small river Ressouyze, where by the way is also a lot of fish and I have caught carp weighing up to 12 kg … In general, there are incredibly strong fish, especially the scales are large and horribly strong … and you definitely need a boat, they pull like that a lot of string from the mill and swim right in the direction of all the obstacles (end Ressouyze) with boat, it works great.
Jan Keijenberg

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