The Lot (départment de Lot 46) is a charming 488 km long river flowing through the southwest of France. Because of its zigzag shape, it only spans 200 km as the crow flies. During the winter, the Lot takes in all the water coming out of the Massif Central (An elevated region of southern France). The carp has to swim through the strong current during these winter months and thus builds an unprecedented strength. They will also use that force to avoid your landing net. An experience you will remember for a long time.e

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This whole river contains copious amounts of carp. If you take your boat along the banks, you will see them swimming. From the limestone, of which the bottom of the Lot mainly consists, the river has created many beautiful caves. These are also found behind the carp fishing spots.
It is a still a quiet area. With its tall, rugged mountainous banks with old trees, the Lot has everything that a carpenter could possibly wish for. Why is this river not more popular? Due to the size of the water and the hard-to-reach fishing spots, it is often impossible to find a good spot to fish for carp.
Therefore, we have a few unique possibilities to fish on spots that are accessible by car.
Every carp angler should go and fish for carp on the Lot at least once. You will dream about the thrill of the merciless runs for months afterwards. A better combination does not exist. On this river, all your fishing dreams can come true. However, even here success does not come easy. The Lot is not an easy river to fish. But that means the satisfaction will be even bigger when there finally is a beautiful Lot-carp on your dehooking mat!

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Fishing  from € 20,00 per night plus, booking fee. You can also rent a boat with electric motor, it costs € 15,00 per day, this can be ticked in the reservations.

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Due to the often difficult to reach river, it is often impossible to find a good carp site. Especially where you can park your car on the water, the cuttings are closed with a gate, where you get the key.
That’s why we talk about some unique websites here. You are really in the middle or not a commodity, and you go up the stairs to a fantastic campsite where you can use all the facilities. Near the fish site there is a toilet and a small supply of fish accessories. There is also the possibility to rent a boat with electric motor and battery.

Depth Max                           4 metres
Night fishing                        Yes
Number of rods per person Four
River bed                             Concrete-like
Obstacles                            Many
Current                               Varied
Boat                                   Permitted
Car near fishing spot         Yes

My experience fishing at the Lot
I try to share my experience of fishing at this location on the Lot as briefly as possible and in short. Here you can really enjoy fishing on this beautiful river and 50 with upstairs a beautiful campsite that you can use. The fishing is very different sometimes it is a water really a mirror and other times the current is so great that boating and fishing is not possible. Early in the spring, this opportunity is the biggest and is the most difficult fishing.

But if you can catch such a torpedo carp then you will understand why the fate is so popular, A wonderful experience of fish that keep on fighting. Catches can be very different. I have had nights myself with catches of more than 10 carp but also that I have not caught a week. Catfish and barbel are also fish that report regularly. Personally I try to map the site first (this changes every year again) where you have the space to drill the fish, so do not go fishing next to a tree. And a good feed site certainly brings more fish here.


The runs were dead scary

The runs were dead scary
We had a great time. The runs we had were dead scary and soooooo fast. The spots were nice and spacious. The campsite was tidy and clean and the people were very friendly. We will definitely be back. Highly recommended. Dominic de Jong

One word: Super!

We booked a fishing spot with Arnoud from It was super! Well arranged, nice spots, we felt very welcome at the campsite. Very definitely worth repeating, but not with I do not know how many other couples on the lake but with two or four anglers on a beautiful public water. River fishing, on… Lees meer “One word: Super!”

A nice holiday, despite the heavy current

After the lot dropped a meter the current slowed down, fishing was great. I am also convinced that the fishing spot will be very nice once everything starts to grow a bit more. If the current is normal you can catch enough fish there. On our last day we caught 4 fish, 2 escaped. Despite… Lees meer “A nice holiday, despite the heavy current”

We enjoyed ourselves and caught a lot of fish

We survived our father & son fishing week near the Lot with Arnoud Janssen. We enjoyed ourselves and caught a lot of fish (18 carps, 3 catfish, 10 to 20 ides, luckily 1 bream and a countless number of barbs with the feeder rod) …… In short, a wonderful week together at the campsite together… Lees meer “We enjoyed ourselves and caught a lot of fish”

Sehr empfehlenswert

We went on this fishing trip in May and despite the strong current we still managed to catch 8 carp and a catfish!!! The fishing spot is really great!! You have your private place near the water and the surroundings are fantastic, the campsite is close by and you can always order or get food… Lees meer “Sehr empfehlenswert”

Wir hatten zusammen eine tolle Woche.

Sind gerade von Karpfen-Camping wiedergekommen mit meiner Freundin, hatten eine geniale Woche. Wunderschöne Standplätze und natürlich schöne Fische gefangen. Es war wegen Welse schwierig, aber wir konnten ein paar schöne Karpfen fangen, superstarke Torpedos. Kurzgefasst, total empfehlenswert um Angeln und Urlaub mit Familie zu kombinieren. Wir kommen sehr sicher wieder und hatten eine tolle Woche.


Wir hatten eine tolle Woche. Im Mai haben wir hier geangelt, wir waren die ersten der Saison. Als wir ankamen, wurden wir auf dem Camping willkommen geheißen, und nachdem wir die Schlüssel bekommen haben gingen wir zu dem Standplatz. Der Standplatz ist mit einer Toilette und einem Kühlschrank ausgestattet, duschen kann man auf dem Camping.… Lees meer “Top-Woche”

Hattefantastische 14 Tage

bei Angelstandplatz 3 und 4 mit meinem Schwager. Wir fingen Karpfen bis zu 12 kg und wahnsinnig viele Barben und hatten viel Spaß mit dem schweren Feeder. Am letzten Abend hatten wir einen knallharten Run, einen 15-Sekundenlangen Kampf mit einem großen Wels. Leider ging es da schief, dabei ist ein dicker Leader/Vorschlag dann doch ein… Lees meer “Hattefantastische 14 Tage”

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