The Yonne (départment de l’ Yonne 89) is a tributary of the Seine in Burgundy and Île-de-France (France). The river is 293 km long and originates in the Morvan massif.
The Yonne is the namesake of the département de l’Yonne, but also flows through the département de Nièvre and the département de Seine-et-Marne. The main cities along the river are Auxerre and Sens.

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Depth Max                           5 metres
Night fishing                        Yes
Number of rods per person Four
River bed                             Clay and sand
Obstacles                            Minimal
Current                                Varied
Yield                                    Up to 32kg
Boat                                     Permitted
Car near fishing spot            No


My experience fishing at the Yonne.
I try to share my experience of fishing at this location as objectively as possible and in short. This section of the Yonne is a hotspot of carp bait places. When we were there we had activities every night. Against the bridge piers of fish, but also in shallow part, very nice mirrors and schupkarpers regularly came from our cuttings

We have fished the yonne in different places, but all the other places kept the catfish on more. In this section the carp really is the carp part is our experience. we have fished with bollies and contemporaries and we caught carp on both, we did not suffer any obstacles and shipping. It is very good fishing for this part.

Perfect as a family vacation with the whole family

Ideal for a holiday with the whole family. I had been looking for something that also has facilities for quite some time. Wanted some quality time with my son. It was a success, management is friendly and the campsite is small but nice Ideal for a holiday with the whole family. Rene Schipper

It’s great for fishing in the Yonne

From the 6th to the 14th of October I went to the Yonne with Arnoud (fishmate and owner of carp camping) and asked if I could help to find some nice fishing spots next to a nice fishing week. can be there, even if I say it myself! 😉 It is great fishing in the… Lees meer “It’s great for fishing in the Yonne”

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