Near the village of Lamotjoie (about 600 inhabitants) is a 13 hectares lake with the same name, which contains a large amount of carp. This fishing spot is still relatively quiet, so you definitely have a high change of double runs.
A beautiful location for an unforgettable fish and family vacation.

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You can also rent a boat with electric motor, it costs € 15,00 per day, this can be ticked in the reservations.

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There are twelve 1-person fishing spots, three of which can be merged into double 2-person fishing spots (3-4, 5-6 and 7-8) and there are 2 camper/caravans spots (1 and 12).
The fishing spots can be reserved per night
The camper/caravan spots are  for max four people with three fishing rods.

We rent out an electric boat including battery and charger. The deposit is € 100.00, which will be returned after inspection of the material.
It is also possible to rent a fishing spot together with a camping site or a mobile home to combine your family holiday with your fishing holiday.

Depth One to                                 five metres
Size                                               Thirteen hectares
River bed                                       Surface layer clay
Obstacles                                      None
Current                                          None
Number of rods per person           Three
Bait Boat                                       Permitted
Boat Permitted                              for bait and line dropping, however
in August, no boats permitted near fishing spot 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12.
Night fishing                                 Permitted
Car near fishing spot                    No, but fishing gear will be transported to the fishing

Impressie Film

My experience fishing on Lake Lamontjoie
I try to share my experience of fishing at this location as briefly as possible. You can really see this 13 ha more as a run of water. The file is quite large and double runs are certainly possible here. You may not consider the water too difficult. Throughout the year as good as weed and obstacle free.

However, there are a large number of lobsters present. I did not feed too much but just kept up with the cuttings and then the fish kept on reporting regularly. also at +30 degrees. What really stands out is that these fish really have power and can not just land.

Dutch famous fisherman Piet Vogel fishes a 4 day session at Lamontjoie France. Nice movie with lots of runs and jumping fish and of course the necessary info as you are used to from Piet. . In 40 fishing hours spread over mornings and evenings he catches 40 fish, double runs and chaos on the conveyor belt.

What a fantastic place

What a fantastic place it is here on Lake Lamontoia. After more than 1200 km driving and a midweekje to have the result may be there. For many a France carp angler here is a beautiful lake with a large carp stock and real super thrill sections. We just want to catch carps and you… Lees meer “What a fantastic place”

We had a great week

Delicious combination of fish and family, fished three evenings and mornings and fed daily, during the day swimming and on the road. Had a total of 18 fish, would describe the water as a runwater with a lot of action. The tent was also super of all necessities and the campsite was also clean and… Lees meer “We had a great week”

It is really fun here

It is really fun here, start fishing early, then get around 11 o’clock at the swimming pool with beer and then fish again. Even with this great weather you can catch them during the day. Ideal to do with the family because the campsite offers everything for children and wife. I’ve already lost mine because… Lees meer “It is really fun here”

44 carp caught

Since I am not really a fan of payment waters but also have some need for comfort when my girlfriend is going, this destination was a great compromise. After a long night ride from Limburg, we were kindly received by Francois the campsite owner. Soon we found out that Francois and Nora really do their… Lees meer “44 carp caught”

Lamontjoie - Meer weer in Altijd jouw weer

47310 Lamontjoie

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