To the west of Paris, near Lavacourt, is the 120 hectare Lac de Moisson. This lake is also called the St-Cassien of Paris, because of the many heavy carp of over 20 kg. Lac de Moisson is easy to reach from the Netherlands. Lac de Moisson used to be a quarry but today it is used mainly for carp fishing and water sports. Carp fishing is permitted on the whole lake, which has 16 fishing spots, all of which are large enough for 2 anglers.

Fishing costs only € 15 per night. In addition, a booking fee of € 25 per person is due. You do not need a cartecheche (so there are no additional costs) and for non-anglers there are 2 to 6 people studio apartments / apartments. The nearest fishing spot is in the on-site studios no 12
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There are 16 2 person fishing spots of which 2 camper-caravan (10 and 11) are cuttings where you stand along the waterfront
Arrival between 9 am and 12 pm, and 2 pm and 5 pm
Carpathing at Lac de Moisson costs € 15.00 per person per night. exl € 25.00 booking fee
The cuttings are booked for 2 people.
There is no electricity on the cuttings but there is the possibility to recharge batteries when renting boats. Toilets and showers are available at the building next to the restaurant, which is near site 12. This is from most cuttings a decent distance (advice if possible to take a bike) In addition to the carp fishing opportunity, this water is also used by predators, sailing and water sports. And other forms of recreation.Please take into account that sometimes you can hinder your fishing activities a little bit, especially on the summer days and weekends.

Grootte Size                       120 hectares
Depth Varies,                     4 to 6 metres
Night fishing                        Permitted
Number of rods                   Four
River bed                             Sand
Obstacles                            Sometimes weeds
Current                                None
Yield                                    Good, with many fish over 20kg
Boat                                     Permitted and for rent
Car near fishing spot           Yes exept spot 9 10 11
Extra information                 This is not easy water

Impressie film

My experience fishing at Lac Moisson.
I try to share my experience of fishing at this location as objectively as possible and in short. Personally, this is one of my favorites. I love the amazing 120 ha more. It is not an easy water but the surprises can be very gutter. I have lost a few fishes here several times, but heavy fish regularly come up.

The idea that I let this hook flow my blood faster, though they do not get caught easily and there are sometimes circumstances that make it even more difficult. Such as sea growth that is present in the summer months. To get an impression of how big this is, it has a circumference of 5.5 km. Which approach here is most successful can unfortunately not be answered, because I have spoken to several local fishermen with experience on this water, the theories do not agree.


Reaction of Cor Nannings ·
Because the woman went along I chose this water where I could do my thing, among other things, with a boat on the water a little strolling with a depth gauge and also not bothered by a neighbor or an agent behind your back to nag good free fishing there, it is now the 2nd time that I have booked a fish trip with this Arnoud Janssen of carp-camping and I arranged twice well with honest info that is important. I have therefore already booked the next trip where we see, this was great to remember with thanks to Carp-Camping

Incredible lake

Wow what a incredible lake . Fished spot 2 for 6 nights and caught 8 carp between 2 anglers . Biggest carp was 20kg or 45.5 english pounds. Fishing is not easy , weed can cause problems however the fish are easy… lees meer “Incredible lake”

beautiful water

We had a 10-day session on this beautiful water in front of us. Although the weather was not optimal, we could catch some nice fish. It’s certainly not easy water, but that’s just fun. In short, a beautiful water in which you… lees meer “beautiful water”

Lac moisson

Already 2x 1 week and certainly again very nice environment, decent showers, some beautiful carp caught the heaviest 24kg600, very clear water, between the water plants good locations. absolutely to suggest

Nice and healthy water

We have just been fishing for a week at Lac de Moisson. The front desk at the reception is friendly and clear, the code of the gate is passed directly to the water. We have booked the cuttings 1 and 2 and… lees meer “Nice and healthy water”

PR improved

One week fishing in this beautiful big water. catfish and 3 carp landed, one of which weighed 23 kilograms. Thank you

Rating fishing spot 7

Nice and difficult water, but we have a nice 10-day holiday. No fish, because when you arrive in late April in early May, it seems as if the fish had spawned. Stek 7 is a nice quiet spot where you need to… lees meer “Rating fishing spot 7”

Beautiful lac moisson

After 7 days of fishing for the beautiful Lac Moisson succeeded. To catch this 15 kilo mirror after spawning and strong wind on site 5. Very nice fishing water with beautiful cuttings and clean shower. Thanks for the nice time.

Was already a nice week.

Big water that turned out to be difficult. From cuttings 8 fished, nice sunny spot. Here several fish landed, including catfish and carp.

Our fishing trip

After a nice fishing holiday in late May, early June 2018 we are back to work. Very nice time in this recreational park with a beautiful water with nice difficulty levels for the seasoned carp angler. We have been able to fish… lees meer “Our fishing trip”

Week carp fishing at lac moison site 4

Week fishing in June 2018, Lac Moison. on site 4. to a relaxed ride of 6 hours we arrive at the water. the first glance is beautiful, beautiful water, spacious site that is not easy to reach but with a bit of… lees meer “Week carp fishing at lac moison site 4”

Moisson - Meer weer in Altijd jouw weer

Route de Lavacourt,78840 Moisson

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